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Brand NEJE
Caving Space 490x490px, Point distance=0.075mm, 36.75×36.75 mm
Power 1000mW
Communication Interface USB2.0
Image Size 490×490 px
Supported image formats JPG, BMP (24 bit only), TIFF, PNG (32 bit or less ), PCX (8 bit and 24 bit RLE ), PCD
Supported System Win Xp SP3 \Win 7 \ Win 8 \ Win 10
Engrave Mode Bitmap carving
Software Language English\German\Japanese\French\Italian\Chinese
Every work time unlimited
NOTE: Do not work long time in the high temperature environment
Laser can replace yes
Input Voltage 5V 2A USB Power Adapter
Laser safety temperature 25℃ – 55℃
Certificate CE,FCC,FDA
Objective engraving material Smooth, Organic, opaque, Non- flame- retardant material For example: Wood, Gray cardboard, bamboo, Leather etc.
Unsuitable engraving material Those material unable to burn &focusFor example: Pure metal(without coating), transparent plastic, White paper(Astigmatic),PP plastic etc. ( NOTE: Pure white wood or paper does not focuswell on energy due to astigmatism. Poor engraving may result.)
Size 16*15*20cm/6.3*5.9*7.9in
Weight 1763g(approx.)

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